Triunfo is a BiblioGamers 2023 GameJam videogame submission done within 48 hours where the main theme was "Freedom". It also has a retro style that was part of the design wanted by the event (ZX Spectrum inspired).
The goal was to create a memorable and unique game where Portuguese culture plays a big role. Knowing this, we took inspiration from "25 de Abril" a memorable date for every Portuguese. This date resembles Freedom from dictatorship.
The main mechanic of Triunfo is to have a visual representation of real-life poems that talk about Freedom. While playing the player will be able to both see, hear, and play the real-life poem.

Picture of Portuguese soldiers with "Cravos" on their guns. 25 de abril de 1974

Triunfo takes place within "Biblioteca de Marvila" the same place where BiblioGamers gamejam was hosted.
Our main character "Rosa" is exploring the library in hopes of finding more information about 25 de Abril, after talking with her grandparents about it.
Within the library, Rosa can find 3 real-life poems, hidden or not. 
After picking up a poem, Rosa will now live a visual representation of the same poem that she picked up.
Throughout the level, the player will be able to pick up "Cravos". Every "Cravo" that Rosa picks up a new line of the current poem is read with real-life voice-over and displayed with text on top of the screen.
In this case, the chosen poem talked about the color of Freedom and how the writer will not die until he has seen it. Knowing this, we painted the world black, white, and gray and while the players is picking up "Cravos" the world gets painted with real-life colors.
If you want to find more information about this event, click on the image below.

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